how we provide pro bono representation

The justice verma foundation links those who need quality pro bono representation in appellate courts with leading senior and junior advocates who can provide it.

Access to justice requires access to quality legal representation. This is particularly true in High Courts and the Supreme Court - the last opportunities to remedy problematic trials and judgments, and make sure justice is done.

We match those searching for quality legal representation with those who can provide it, by introducing the two to each other. We then step back and let clients deal directly with advocates.

We seek to build complementary partnerships with grass roots organizations and activists. Particularly those working  to provide legal representation and advice in lower courts.



Though we provide necessary support to both clients and advocates, we respect the independence of the advocates who work with us. We wish to complement and support their existing practices by providing additional opportunities.

Advocates who join us as Fellows get:

  • The opportunity to fight law-defining cases that would otherwise slip by.
  • A home within our formidable community of Fellows, Advisers and Trustees - uniting juniors and seniors, practicing and academic lawyers, as well as leaders from the current and next generation of broader public life.
  • The benefits associated with a highly selective Fellowship, and entitlement to use the Foundation's name and branding.
  • Funding for Juniors in certain situations.

Upon launching we will seek advocates, scholars and others in public life to join us as Fellows of the Justice Verma Foundation.

Whatever the outcome of a case, we aim to give clients the satisfaction of knowing it was fought properly and professionally.

Clients can be assured of professionalism and integrity from a pre-eminent group of junior and senior lawyers, whom it can otherwise be difficult to find or get in touch with.

Watch this space for more developments as we launch.