Upon launching we will seek members of the legal fraternity (practicing, in academica or in policy) and others in public life to apply to join us as Fellows of the Justice Verma Foundation.

Academic Fellows, Policy Fellows, and Fellows from broader public life play a crucial role in the success of our mission: to make the law a friend to those most in need of one. They provide crucial knowledge, expertise and real world experience to the practicing lawyers who provide pro bono representation. As well as directly to those citizens and organisations that need it.

Fellows benefit from:

  • The opportunity to fight or advise on law-defining cases that would otherwise slip by.
  • A home within our formidable community of Fellows, Advisers and Trustees - uniting juniors and seniors, practicing and academic lawyers, as well as leaders from the current and next generation of broader public life.
  • The benefits associated with a highly selective Fellowship, including entitlement to use the Foundation's name and branding.
  • Funding for Juniors in certain situations.

Fellows are entitled to use Foundation branding, including in correspondence, and in addition may use the post-nominals 'FJVJ' after their name.

Watch this space for more as we launch.